Topdot Fashion

About us


A treasure house of Skirts and Tops, Dresses, Shirts and kids wear. Where quality and style are backed by the experience and expertise of generations in this trade.


Exciting new fashion wind is blowing through India. The first ever attempt to hold a fashion blow, the coming of age of so many our artists -n- designer works by heart to mark the significant beginnings.


Add to this fact we are introducing our Prime Website, which help you to create fashionable clothes from fabrics. These will be a great wear for every purse and every age, as long as the wearer believes in good taste and aesthetics. The Website looks in to the designer creation. The future, as these pages ahead will show you, is full of promise. Designer have hit a creative spurt, the challenge of the new century cannot be ignored here is tempting irresistible preview of the good things to come. Ideas you will find aplenty for a special day, evening dos, sunny mornings. Whatever you name it.


Of course, we have designs on our women, to insure that they keep coming back to our production, at least to look at what is on offer from us.


So look in -n- enjoy………… ..